San Fran and beyond

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Thursday morning we left Santa Cruz and headed north for the long journey back.  As was typical during most of the trip, Quinn was in the driver's seat and I was up front with him every time we happened upon an extremely winding highway.  If you have ever driven between San Jose and Santa Cruz then you know the exact road to which I am referring. After holding my breath for most of the 18 miles, we found our connecting highway and changed drivers. Destination: San Francisco.  Agenda: pictures at the Golden Gate bridge, drive along Lombard Street and ride on a cable car.

  I love this picture minus the chick in the background.
 We went up to a nearby lookout point.  Fabulous view.
 This was indicative of our relationship status at this point in the trip.

 Lombard Street: the most winding road in the country.  Maybe even the world.

 Ben holds the Transamerica tower in his hand.

Is there anything that says "San Francisco" more than this? 

 Or this?

Or this?