Happy Birthday to my sweet cousin!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Is she a cutie or what? He's pretty handsome too-even with the sourpuss face. This little hottie is my cousin Andrea. Today marks her 28th year on this earth and what a blessing she has been to so many. She's my youngest cousin and, although we didn't really grow up together since I was 14 (and way too cool for her) when she was born, she holds a special place in our family's heart. The summer of 2005, when this picture was taken, started a friendship that has blossomed over the years. The boys are crazy about her and so am I. She has a heart for serving God and others that is pure and sincere along with a contagious spirit of adventure.
This past August Andrea embarked on an 11-month mission trip spanning 11 countries. I have loved living vicariously through her blog updates. (Click here to join in on the excitement.) Her continual surrender to changing plans, horrific conditions and the amenities we take for granted has been humbling to witness.
Happy Birthday, Andrea! I am so proud to call you my cousin-- and friend! I hope you have a wonderful celebration with your Ugandan brothers and sisters!