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My Social Media Fast

Friday, March 15, 2013

Hi friends,

As you can see, my blog site has been under construction.  I've been working with a lovely woman, Jana, to redesign my digs.  It was time for an update and I love the new look.  This is part of the reason for my absence over the last month.  Another factor was my fast from social media for the Lenten season.  The Catholic in me always resurfaces during this time of year and I find it very cleansing to take 40 days away from something of which I regularly indulge.

 My main motivation for this was the realization that Facebook had become such a time waster for me.  I could find myself scrolling through my newsfeed many times a day: while on the bus, waiting to pick up one of the boys and when procrastinating on my homework.  And depending on what kind of day I was having, it wasn't the best place to fix my gaze--or my soul. There were several other factors contributing to suspending my page:  First, I  began noticing that I'd be in a conversation with someone and it seemed like every time I shared something, the other party's response was: "I know.  I saw that on Facebook."  There were no surprises and left my interactions with others flat.  Second, I was always second guessing every post I felt tempted to write. I never felt like I could share that I was traveling somewhere without worrying someone who lived there would see it and I'd soon be confronted about not letting them know I was in their town. (even though 9 times out of 10 they had never been to my town.)  Or a friend or family member might hear from another Facebook friend about some family news and they would be hurt that they didn't hear it from me directly.  (It felt like I was always doing damage control there.)  Third, and the saddest reason of all  is the perception others have of the depth of their relationship with me simply because they're privvy to my status updates or can view my photos.  These reasons took the fun out of what could be a great way to keep in touch with those who I don't see on a regular basis--or check up on my kids.   So, in a nutshell, it was time for a reset and a break from the pressure while I try to figure out how to bridge that gap between this social media outlet, time management and reality.  It has been so refreshing and though I'll probably return, it will be definitely be a modified version of my previous self.

Although I don't see my personal blog as much of a social media outlet for myself, just decreasing my time in front of electronics has been a natural progression from suspending my Facebook profile page.

And since Lent isn't officially over, I better sign off.  I'll be back.