"DQ" does not mean Dairy Queen

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

All the boys are officially now "boarders". Code for "snowboarders". Good thing we invested in all those skis, boots, lessons and lift tickets over the last 10 years. It probably doesn't help that we live less than an hour away from the "best snowboarding mountain in the country" or so I'm told. I'm still trying to figure out if it's the blue circle or the green triangle runs that I can somewhat master. Or is it blue triangle and the green circle?? Clearly I need to just put my feet up in the lodge with a book and a cup of hot chocolate.

This year Ian wanted to try his hand at the "Legendary Banked Slalom"--a short snowboard race with no age limit. The first 200 local residents to sign up and pay their $10 could try their hand at the course in mid-January. Last Monday (MLK holiday) was the day. Everyone was registered and ready to make his mark on the mountain. Shaun White made his debut by setting the best time for his age group in 1998. Why couldn't one of my boarders do the same? Let's just say it wasn't an Olympic-hopeful-worthy day.

Upon arriving we learned that EVERYONE needed a lift ticket to not only participate but watch the race. I decided sending the camera with Trey would suffice and I'd cozy up with my journal, save $50 and wait to hear the results. A short 15 minutes later my cell phone rang but it wasn't one of my family members. "Dana? I'm here with your son, Ian. He took a fall and hurt his leg. He's OK but in a lot of pain. I won't leave him until ski patrol gets here. They're on their way now." The race had not even begun and we already had a casualty. The nurse and doctor on duty examined him and suggested heading back into town for an x-ray but more than likely it was a bad bruise of the tibia. (shin)

After getting him settled in to the car, I went to the bathroom and returned to find Ben in the backseat crying. Ian informed me: "he got DQ'd". What? The only DQ I know serves yummy Blizzards. Through the tears Ben let me know how stupid this all was and just because he missed one turn he got disqualified. How unfair the world can be when you're 8. To assuage his bruised ego, he then told us that the same tragedy had occurred on his big brother's attempt too. On the same turn. Quinn took his blow a little easier but the mountain had lost its lustre for all at this point.

An hour later we were back in the driveway and everyone's pride was back in check. According to the pediatrician, Ian's leg, in spite of his insistence, showed no breaks. But, for sympathy's sake, those crutches are helping to garner the desired attention.
There's always next year, "Shaun".

Ready to hit it.

Just seconds left.

And he's off.....

Just about to make the infamous turn...



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