A Funny Take on Annual Christmas Letters

Sunday, December 16, 2007

As the Christmas greetings come rolling in I've been thinking about the letter I sent accompanying mine and the ones I've been receiving. The majority of Americans refer to them as brag letters and many a "Dear Abby" column is filled with rants about peoples' utter dislike of this tradition.
Personally I feel a bit disappointed when I don't get one, but if a recent picture is included I'm more forgiving. Below I share a particular mock letter was featured yesterday in the Bellingham Herald's "Adam @ Home" cartoon. I hope it brings you a chuckle and please forgive me if any of my past letters ever remotely resembled this one. Happy Holidays!

"Merry Christmas from Brad and Brenda Braggart.
We are so thankful for so many things: our financial situation, our ideal marriage, our perfect children and our health. We wish you the merriest of Christmases and hope your lives might one day be a fraction as fulfilling as ours."

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One Response to “A Funny Take on Annual Christmas Letters”

Ashlee said...

I am sure to continue to disappoint you with my lack of Christmas letter or photo! (My loved ones are lucky if I can manage to send a card.) I did appreciate that you included the the adults in your family Christmas photo, rather than just the children. I always want to know what my friends look like, too!