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Everyone's home for summer but Mom

Monday, June 21, 2010

Twenty years ago today I was laying out my 90's power suit and packing my lunch in preparation for my first day of work--at a bonafide "real job." Having just graduated from college a few days earlier, I was ready to take the world by storm and climb the corporate ladder. Little did I know that, at the age of 42, I would be returning to the same campus I had left in June of 1990. "Never say never" has never been more true than now.

Although I've had to jump through about a million hoops, and listen to a handful of naysayers on the sidelines, I am officially enrolled for summer quarter at Western Washington University. Aside from my husband's marriage proposal, I have never been more sure of anything in my life. Let it be said that I'm not under the illusion that this will be a bump-free ride. Yes, I know that there are no jobs out there right now. Yes, I know that middle schoolers are the most challenging age group. Yes, I know that "summers off" doesn't necessarily equate to "summers off". Yes, I know that I will be one day working for close to minimum wage. I am well aware of the reality that I most likely will be mistaken for a professor than a student more often than not and there's still a very real chance that I maynot be admitted into the college of education. But what I know most of all is that God wastes NOTHING. No experiences great or small occur without first being sifted through His hands. I believe He has directed every step of this journey and has said "This is the way. Now walk in it." Nervous? Yes. Excited? Yes. Fearful? NO!

Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to go shop for a new backpack.


What a week!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Every day I've been thinking "I need to get on here and post" but so much has happened that I thought I'd save it for one fell swoop. The end of the school year holds so many rites of passage and celebrations whether you're graduating from high school, middle school or elementary. This year we had a fifth grader moving on to middle school which was the biggest celebration of all. Added in there was a cast FINALLY being removed and a seventh graders in charge of a carnival. (when you see the pictures, you'll understand why that can be a scary prospect).

So ready.


The calm before the storm.

Argh! Maybe this wasn't such a good idea.

Their favorite teacher, Mr. Owens, bought the last pie.

They auctioned off the cherry pie and Sammy was the highest bidder. She thoroughly enjoyed her victory.

Ian's teacher was such a good sport at the fifth grade picnic. This was the culmination of the relay race to put spaghetti in her hair.

Part of the winning class.


Hooray for Ian

Sunday, June 6, 2010

I've never been much of a bragger. And I'm quite turned off by those who make a regular habit of boasting. However, a couple of the most current events in our household have earned my middle guy some bragging rights. But since he doesn't have a blog of his own, I've been given permission to share his recent historic moments with you.

Now, mind you that I feel a bit awkward about devoting an entire post to what could be construed as arrogant. But, because both events of which I am about to share involved more participants than just my son, I'm a little more at ease about the whole thing. Credit should be given where credit is due, right?

Saturday, May 22: As I posted last year, Ian and 5 of his classmates participated in our local Ski to Sea Junior race as the "Pink Paparazzi" and took home the first place trophy for the elementary division. This year their same team with a different name--"LemonLime" set out to defend their title. With a time of 25:34, they not only clinched the title once again but set a record for the best time in the race's history. Ian's grandma was on hand to witness the moment which made the victory even sweeter.

Team LemonLime on the podium (middle)

Ahh...the sweet taste of victory.

Thursday, June 3rd: Our school district holds a track meet every spring where the fifth graders from all 10 elementary schools come to compete. It's one of those important rites of passage for the students before heading off to middle school. And one that Ian had been looking forward to all year. The kids' respective P.E. teachers assign them two events in which to participate. The 800m and 4 x 100m relay were Ian's. Like any of us, Ian loves to win but he much prefers challenging himself than having anyone else pushing him. For the previous two weeks, he had Ben timing him as he ran the 3.5 times around our cul-de-sac most every night but spoke very little to the rest of us about his time or his anxiety about the whole thing. The boys' 800m was the third event and though he gave it his all, he lost by 2/10 of a second. But who better to lose to than one of your teammates from last month's Ski to Sea race? All was not lost though as their relay team rocked the race and took home first. Way to go, boys!

Lining up for the 800 meter race

The race to the finish. Tyler (in blue) pulled it out and took first.

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