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Say it isn't so...Ben is 8!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

How did this happen and where was I? Sweet little Benjamin has now been a permanent fixture in our family for almost a decade. When I saw the evidence on the ultrasound that yet another boy was coming our way, I did pause for a sad moment. I knew this would probably be our last child and, of course, I was hoping for a little pink this time around. This kid is all "blue", if you know what I mean. Not even coloring was enjoyable to him. Sitting? Forget about it. Once he became aware that two other boys had been living life in front of him, there was a lot of making up to do.

Although "busy" doesn't even begin to describe him, "loving and affectionate" do. Beneath his tough, active exterior is a sweet little guy who has no problem displaying his heart. He cries easily, laughs constantly and rebounds from any setback in record time. I know every mom says it, but I really could not imagine life without him. And even though his brothers may not be so quick to admit it, I don't think they could either.

In honor of his 8 years, I asked Ben to share 8 things he absolutely loves and his 8 favorite memories since the 7th birthday.

Ben's 8 Faves (not necessarily in order of importance):

  1. Chocolate
  2. Playing soccer
  3. Jumping in water
  4. Being with my friends
  5. My family
  6. Millie
  7. Playing football
  8. Going somewhere new
Top 8 Memories since October 28, 2008:

  1. Celebrating his 7th birthday
  2. Mountain biking with dad and brothers in Whistler, B.C.
  3. Losing his first tooth
  4. Visiting the Oregon coast for the first time
  5. Doing his first back flip on dry land (sand dunes)
  6. Finally being tall enough to go on the water slide at our local pool.
  7. It being a "friend party year" and having his birthday celebration a week early.
  8. Visiting the Great Wolf Lodge indoor water park.
Happy, happy birthday precious Benjamin Davis. I love you tons!

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Happy Birthday to Me!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

I just love birthdays! Even though I'm not in as much of a hurry for mine to come along as maybe when I was 9 or 10, I still do love them. honor of my 42nd birthday I'm going to share a list of "42 qualities I love about myself" . JUST KIDDING!

So what does the photo above have to do with my birthday? This charming little Bavarian village east of the mountains is where we'll be spending the weekend. The only item on my wish list this year was a sports-free weekend away with my whole family. Leavenworth is one of my most favorite places. You really do feel like you've been transplanted to the land of von Trapps and Maria will soon be running down the hills which will be "alive with the Sound of Music". This actually does happen in the summer ampitheater production but that's for a different post. This quaint town is also somewhere I have dreamed of having a second home. One of those gorgeous log cabins replete with a floor-to-ceiling river rock fireplace, a hot tub on the deck, overlooking the river of course and a 12 person dining table. Hey, if you're gonna dream, dream big. But for now I will settle for a two-night stay in a "Kamping Kabin" at the local KOA with a kitchenette (what exactly does that mean??) and outdoor fire pit. The last piece of advice on the website, after they describe the "kabin" as a palace, is: don't forget to bring your own linens.

I can't wait to be with those I love in a place I love on a day I love. Pictures on the next post.


Ben's Birthday Ballapalooza

Monday, October 19, 2009

Even though his actual birthday isn't for another 9 days, we decided to play it safe and have Ben's friend party today. My kids only get a party on their even years. After today I am patting myself on the back for making that decision many birthdays ago. I can't imagine doing this three times a year. Especially when all three boys' special days fall within a four month time period--intertwined with all the major holidays.

Because the "friend party" only occurs every two years, the planning tends to begin 364 days prior to the big event. Ben's wish list ran the gamut of soccer , a bouncy house, ice skating, swimming and everything inbetween. With a good bit of prodding from me, we agreed on a "Ballapalooza" party. Keeping ten boys occupied for two hours --and not spending

I recruited the big brothers and two of Quinn's friends to assist me. Each one wore a jersey and a whistle and ran the game of their expertise in 20 minute increments. It was worth the price of admission.

"Team Green" prepares their offensive plan

The black team has total confidence in their defense. Look how relaxed they are.

So this is supposed to be cupcakes in the shape of a football. Hmmm. Looks more like a baseball mitt to me. Clearly the decorator was not a sports fan.

Do you really think it's possible for 15 boys to all look at the camera simultaneously?


And they lived happily ever after

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Today we had the privilege of attending the union of this glamourous couple. Kurtis & Rose's love story is a modern day fairytale of which I got to have a sideline seat.

I met Rose about 18 months ago when she was a barista at my favorite Starbucks. Our customer/employee relationship soon turned into a friendship even with an age difference of 15 years. She became my hip younger sister who introduced this old lady to texting, my housesitter, dog sitter, movie watching companion and friend. Last fall when I went back to work, and she went back to school, our time together was less frequent. In late October I got a call saying, "we need to get together. Soon." I knew immediately. I called back and asked, "is it about a boy?" BINGO!

About a month later I finally met him and knew in an instant this guy was the real deal. He courted her with the kind of love and respect she had given up on ever thinking could happen in her lifetime. He did and said the kinds of things over the last year that made others say "Really? No way. This guy sounds too good to be true. Guys like this don't exist anymore" It was true and he does exist.

When I met Rose she was in a place of really seeking God and growing in her relationship with Him. She had a difficult childhood and never knew the stability of a traditional family. Change, upheaval and moving were the only constants she could count on. No more. God was about to redeem it all and I got to be part of it in a teeny tiny way.

Fast forward to July 3rd. Rose was housesitting for my neighbor and stopped by to ask a favor. Kurtis wanted to take her on a backcountry hike and she wasn't sure if she'd be back to water the lawn and feed the bunny. Would I mind doing that in her absence? Little did I know what that simple act was about to help Kurtis' plan. I checked in with Rose on the 4th to see if they were back and how the trip went. Her response: "AMAZING!!!" Uh-oh. She promised to stop by when she got back in town. When she walked in the house my eyes immediately went to her left hand and there it was. It wasn't just any old ring on her finger but the same one that adorned both his grandmother's and mother's hands. His grandmother got an anniversary upgrade just before his dad proposed to his mom. So his mom received this ring when she nd Kurtis' dad became engaged. The same thing happened when Kurtis' parents hit a significant anniversary. When Kurtis told his parents he planned to ask Rose to be his wife, they asked him if he would give her "the ring" as a symbol that she belongs in their family. Ahhh. Doesn't that just give you chills or tears? Or both?

Of course there are about a hundred other parts to the story as well but those are theirs to tell. I don't care what Fergie sings about, fairytales do sometimes have happy endings. There was no denying that today.


Thank a coach today

Monday, October 5, 2009

Not even once since my kids were born has anyone looked at any of them and said "Wow, he's a big boy." No male relative exists on either side of our families who registers a height over six feet. So when my little Ian insisted he wanted to play tackle football, I cringed. (he just broke 70 pounds on his 11th birthday.) Eventually he broke me down and I caved. Once I observed a practice, I knew he was in good hands.

We've all watched kids (and sometimes our own children) suffer at the hands of unruly coaches. As with any subject that has the ability to provide worthy life lessons, there's always the one "bad apple" who seems to cancel out all the great ones. I'd been warned that football coaches were a different breed. A bunch of meatheads--or something like that. I am happy to report that Ian's coach is nowhere near resembling any of my fears coming to fruition. This guy rocks! He is a natural with those kids and LOVES what he's doing with them. I can't imagine a better scenario.

Below is an email he sent to all the parents following our first game:


Heart! That is what wins games. Talent is nice, but the heart is what makes us great. Each player today worked extremely hard. Each player tried his best

You should be proud of yourselves!

Defense was amazing today. You really came through. The goal line stand was heart stopping. I heard one of the refs say, “This game is fun to watch; really exciting” That is special because they see games all the time.

Having said that . . . . We cannot let one game and one win change our work ethic at practice as we get ready for next week’s game. We will face many good teams and we need to stay focused.

Finally, we would not be the team we are if we did not have the parent support that we have. Parents, you are making the difference. Having dependable coaches, moms and dads on the sideline supporting the players no matter what is happening, parents who help every week communicate with other parents and take care of the paperwork is making the season successful. We are all blessed to have each other and I am happy that I can be a part of the team.

I can’t wait until Tuesday. We will talk about the game and talk about highlights, then we will get on with the job of working out hard for next Saturday.

Thank you everyone. You are amazing.

After reading that, don't you just love him too?? Coaches, like teachers, are a special breed. They put in hours upon hours that go unnoticed and never expect anything in return. Because they really and truly love what they do. So if you or your child has happened upon a coach like our Coach Darren, consider taking the time to drop him or her a note of gratitude. I know it will make their day.