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Trey is 40

Monday, April 28, 2008

Trey is the big 4-0 today. That's right he married an "older" woman. A fact he is way too proud of. The kids and I posted these signs all over the general neighborhood for him to view on his way to Starbucks. He said he prefers to spend this day flying under the radar but I think he was a little tickled by the gesture.
I wanted to share something from a funny card he received for those of us who have turned 40 recently or may be on the way to this milestone in the near future.

  • Do you realize that 40 years ago .....Call waiting referred to a line outside of a phone booth
  • A flat screen was something you put in your window to keep the insects out.
  • An airbag was someone who talked too much.
  • SPAM was found only in the kitchen.
  • A cell phone was what you used to make your one call from jail.
  • Guys only got pierced ears from going to a really loud concert.
  • High speed access was an on-ramp to the freeway.

Happy 40th Trey!!

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Millie-Two Weeks Later

Monday, April 14, 2008

We love to pose with our puppy but we're not sure about this responsibility thing

3 months, 1 week and growing rapidly
It's been two weeks since Millie made her way into our home and life has not been the same. As cute as she is, this potty training adventure is beyond frustrating. Toilet training my children definitely doesn't rank up there on my top 10 but at least I had the choice to put a diaper on them. I've been seeking advice online and in books. The common advice is "do not punish or yell at them when they soil in the house. " Yeah, right! So instead I should take her out at 3 a.m., stand in the backyard freezing, wait 10 minutes for her to do her business, watch her lay in the grass and do nothing, bring her back in and smile as she pees on the carpet???? Who wrote these books? Everyone says it will eventually click. I'll just say "it's a good thing she's cute.

In my previous post about Millie joining our family I mentioned all the "I'll nevers" that used to grace my lips prior to being a dog owner. One tidbit I failed to share was that I would frequently tell my husband that I just didn't understand why all my friends would get a dog once their youngest child entered Kindergarten. I mean you're just getting a taste of freedom again and you go and ruin it by adding a puppy to the mix. So here I am 6 months after Ben started school with a dog of my own. You'd think I would learn to keep my mouth shut at some point. Instead I'll just entertain all of my snickering friends by filling up on my share of "crow". I have earned it.


Writing contest

Monday, April 7, 2008

Thursday morning (4/3) I came to the computer to find that Vicki Courtney had posted to my blog. Vicki is an author who writes on teen culture. She has some excellent books on parenting teens and staying plugged in to what they're up to online. I frequent her (very entertaining) blog weekly. A couple weeks ago she announced a writing contest asking for submissions on subjects that would be relevant to teen girls. I had been working on an essay for a friend's upcoming book about waiting until marriage to be physically involved. Unfortunately it seems to be such an antiquated subject these days but one that could stand to be discussed.
I quickly condensed the article to 700 words and sent it on its way. She picked four winners and left me a post that morning saying she loved my blog and I was a winner. The four articles will be featured on her website that reaches 6000 teenage girls:
Oh and she's sending me a Starbucks card too. What a gal! Check out her blog sometime:


It's a Girl!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Here she is! Meet Miss Millie. She's a 12 week old Bernese Mountain Dog who will top out at around 75 pounds! After 2 years of incessant begging, I finally caved. You knew it was inevitable in a home of three boys. I have zero experience with dogs much less puppies and boy have the last 36 hours been an adventure. There is a reason I didn't continue having babies at 40!
So my friend Lacey proposed that I make a list of all my "I'll nevers". You remember, all those things you were never going to do once you had children. Way back before kids when you were an expert in parenting and oh so judgemental of mothers. "My child will never have a pacifier." "I will never talk about my baby non-stop." "I will never give advice on parenting." "I will never buy clothes secondhand." You get the picture. So here are a few "I'll nevers" that have come out of my mouth prior to Millie's arrival.
  • I'll never show people pictures of my dog.
  • The dog will never sleep in our room
  • I will never kiss the dog on the mouth
  • I'll never talk baby talk to my dog
  • I'll never assume that everyone is equally as enamored by my canine as I am
  • I'll never sign her name on greeting cards as if she's part of the family

So check back in with me in a few weeks and see how much crow I'm eating. If you're local, stop by and see her. She really is a sweetie.