20 Years!

Thursday, August 2, 2012

When I look at this picture I can remember the plans, hopes and dreams ready to burst out of both of  us as we returned from our honeymoon ready to take the world by storm. Two naive, determined 24-year-olds who were going to continue our fairy tale romance and live happily ever after in our perfect life with our perfect careers, perfect house and perfect children.

Fast forward 20 years and we have eaten more than a few slices of "humble pie."  And then some. If you have been married for any length of time, then you understand why they are called "fairy tales."  They are long on fantasy and short on reality.  God knew that we were sorely in need of some adjustments and thankfully He saw fit, in His goodness and graciousness, to give us many challenges along the way.  Had everything gone our way, I cringe at the thought of the kind of people we would be today--or if our marriage could have survived two inflated egos that surely would have followed. I often think about what kind of children we would be raising if we never had to tell them "no" because the resources had always been there.  I wonder what kind of friends we would be to others and if we would have the true friendships we do if life had moved along seamlessly.

About that fantasy.....our perfect careers turned into 11 different employers.  Our perfect house was not one house but 10, most of which we have rented.  Our perfect children arrived but not until after a two year struggle with infertility.  Definitely not what we had in mind when embarking on this journey but I can honestly say I am so very thankful.  In spite of the many moves, periods of unemployment and countless other challenges, we have leaned INTO each other.  Not that we haven't had our moments but when the rubber has met the road, we were in the same vehicle driving this crazy, winding road together.

Last night, as we celebrated over a wonderful dinner, we both asked each other as if on cue, "would you do it again?"  Our answer: "In a hearbeat!"
Dessert, along with this sweet sentiment, was on the house: Peanut butter mousse with chocolate ganache.  
 Twenty years and still smiling.

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Anonymous said...

And you two are more beautiful and handsome 20 years later! Happy Anniversary