Day 3-Santa Rosa

Saturday, August 11, 2012

So after the previous night's crazy windstorm, we made our way back to civilization in search of sunshine.  We headed toward Highway 101 and made a couple pit stops along the way.  We found a roadside stream and spent an hour or so wading in the water, skipping rocks and meeting a very sweet local family who was out enjoying a picnic alongside us.  Once we reached the main highway and got back into cell reception, we began searching for a hotel and sticker shock set in.  I gave the green light to try Priceline.  We had heard many success stories but never ventured into the unknown of bidding on an anonymous hotel room in cyberspace.  We scored a 3.5 star hotel called Flamingo Resort and Spa in Santa Rosa, figuring that any place ending with "spa" couldn't be half bad.  As we pulled into the near empty parking lot and saw the neon flamingo sign rotating in front, we were a bit leery.  Once we opened the door to our room, we all breathed a sigh of relief. Cozy, clean, comfy beds and plenty of room.  After we unpacked and meandered to this amazing pool, all was right with the world.  

After enjoying a game of Marco Polo, we went down the road and grabbed a pizza and settled in for the night.  The next morning we played in the pool for as long as they would let us, stopped in at a local burger joint (delicious!)  and headed south.  It was hard to leave this quaint hotel in this sweet little town.