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Cell Phones

Thursday, January 24, 2008

In the last week or so it seems I've misdialed three or four people while attempting to reach them on their cell phones. Within mere minutes I've received panicked responses from the owners of those wrong numbers: "I see I missed a call from this number!!!!!!!" or "Who is this???!!!" If I didn't leave a message it's probably a good indication that one, I don't know you and two, I don't need you to call me back. What ever did one do without this apparent life sustaining device?????? How did it come to be that having our phone on our person at all times is absolutely necessary? Just look around when you exit an airplane. How long does it take before 99% of the passengers are turning their phones back on and desperately checking messages?
Yes, this particular invention has made life easier and sometimes safer on many levels. But its level of importance has reached an all time high. Could it be that we are seeking relationship and connection without knowing it? I recently read a funny quote about our relationships with cell phone providers in the book The Gospel According To Starbucks by Leonard Sweet. " Cell phone companies aren't selling cell phones. They're selling relationships. If you don't think your cell phone provider is selling relationhips, try and get out of your contracted "relationship." You almost have to hire a divorce lawyer. We now have phone relationships that last far longer than many marriages." And a lot less is required of you.

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Update on Ian

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Second cast
After a huge scare 9 days ago we received encouraging news yesterday. Initially we were told that the break in Ian's wrist was on the growth plate and the damage could potentially stunt the growth of his arm. YIKES!! We had no idea the ramifications of a simple bump to this very critical part of the body.
Last Tuesday we visited Children's Hospital in Seattle and the orthopedic team there sedated him and attempted to push the bone back in place. With time and his age as a factor, it did not budge. They casted him and sent us home with instructions to follow up in a week.
Yesterday we saw the orthopedic specialist and he was very positive. The original fracture was just BELOW the growth plate (why is it always mere inches away from where it could have done irreparable damage??--God's providence, huh?) He felt very confident it would heal and self correct on its own. The only caveat is that there is no conclusive way to determine the extent of damage--if any--to the actual growth plate. He will need to be monitored every 4 months for the next year. They will be checking to see if any calcification is occurring in this area which would be cause for alarm. The doc was pretty reassuring that there is less than a 2% chance of this. Yay!!
Thanks to everyone for their good wishes, fervent prayers and sincere concern.


Happy New Year

Sunday, January 6, 2008

So we bid 2007 goodbye and not a moment too soon. Although I know many lessons are learned in the valley I must admit that I have grown tired of spending more time there than on the mountaintop. A respite would be nice for a short while.
The new year began with a midnight dip in the lake. Not an experience I wish to repeat. I thought it might feel invograting or even refreshing. It was neither.
In a superstitious kind of fashion I thought the romp in the water might wash away all things negative. In the late afternoon of New Year's Day a blood curdling scream came through the garage door in the form of my freaking out 9 year old. "I can't feel my hand!!" was all he could say. After 3 hours in the E.R. (without health insurance) we found the wrist was not showing a fracture unless it existed in the growth plate--which couldn't be seen due to the immense amount of swelling.
Day two of 2008 I took my car in to Toyota due to chronic overheating. It was only a thermostat and I know it could have been much worse but aren't car repairs the absolute last subject you want to pour money into??
I don't write this to be full of gloom and doom but to say I am taking the perspective of: we are getting it all out of our system early on in order to enjoy a great year ahead. Here's to 2008!