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Halloween and other Fall happenings

Monday, November 15, 2010

Ben celebrating his birthday at a Seattle Sounders game

So tired but so happy. Sounders won.

Getting crazy with all the crazy fans.

Birthday celebration doing what I love: playing games

Playing Taboo and trying to get Sheri to guess "Rigor Mortis"

They didn't get it & Kim is making sure they know they're losing

Amber has to make sure we're not cheating since we're kicking their butts.

What a great little gift for this Scrabble lover.

Ben was the only one I could get to carve pumpkins with me

Quinn just couldn't resist joining in on the fun but no cute pumpkins would be carved by him.

Ben's family birthday celebration

My cute pumpkin on the right is scared of Quinn's gross one on the left.

Somehow three cute white blondies trying to be thugs just wasn't working for me.
Okay, now they're scary.

Beckham & Posh ( I needed to lose another 30 pounds to even remotely resemble her)

The Scot & the Brit

Scary was in this year.

My husband is under there somewhere.

I like the cowboy clown a bit better.

There's one way I can be taller--a two feet tall wig.

Ian's first cross country meet. He placed fifth in his age group so off to Portland next weekend for Regionals.

My beautiful cousins Natalie, Michelle & Ashley

Ian wants his new baby cousin to be a Braves fan

Natalie, baby & Aunt Judy (my mom)


Another "Ben-ism"

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Just a few days after Ben's birthday post, in which I shared some of my most favorite quips from him, he added another one to the record books. I couldn't wait until next year's birthday to share it.

On the way to school last Monday, he commented that his music teacher often uses the word "retard". I found out later what he was referring to was the term "ritard" which means to slow down the tempo of your music. After I questioned him, he insisted she let them say this word too. He then paused and said, "Hmmph.... a Christian school and you can say "retard" AND

Oh Ben, you bring such comic relief to my days. Big smile.