Days 6-8 Fun in the sun at Camp Erickson

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Our last 3 days at Camp Erickson were filled with fun, sun and water galore not to mention amazing meals, wonderful conversation and lots of laughter. We are so thankful to our Camp Directors who gave us an unforgettable experience.

My sweet, fun-loving cuz

After playing many rounds of Aggravation we decided it was aggravating

The outdoor pool at the fitness center. The indoors were just as amazing

Last night with the Camp Director Todd

Natalie wanted to be the "director" but Todd didn't look so good in pink

Fun with my boys

The inaguaral week of Camp Erickson

Ben loves his cousin!

Fun at Lake Altoona with their neighbor Savannah. How convenient she was Ian's age and super fun. Ian was quite smitten. Mom approves.

Ben and the Camp Director