Ben's next rite of passage

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Earlier this year Ben began the journey of losing teeth. Something I billed as his first rite of passage. Last Sunday he embarked on R.O. P. #2: sleep-away camp. The summer prior to entering 3rd grade is the age when kids can attend junior camp at Camp Firwood. You're dropped off on a Sunday afternoon and have no contact with the outside world for 7 whole days.
Hard to believe but this was Ben's year. It's funny how when his older brothers went, at the same age, it seemed perfectly appropriate. Yet, when we went to leave this time he seemed sooooo young and little and naive and, and, and......

Yet, it was clear I had nothing to fear. He jumped right in the water, passed the swim test, met his counselor, picked his bunk and waved us goodbye. I did get a message from my friend Val, (her hubby is the camp director) that said "I have a couple of sightings a day of a little blonde blur whirling past." The camp does post daily pictures on their website but I only saw one which tells me that the "blonde blur" didn't stop much to have his photo taken.

Right after the swim test

With his counselor "Voonderking"

His "home" for the next 7 days.

In his words: "the top bunk is the best!"