The Jar

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Last Sunday, August 1st marked 18 years since we said "I Do". Instead of spending the day in some romantic fashion instead we were shuttling kids to camps and airports. This was bit of a celebration in itself but we were looking forward to a real (belated) celebration later in the week once the kiddos were all gone.

Quite a few years ago we started a tradition of putting our loose coins in a jar. The jar has sat perched on the top of Trey's dresser for as long as I can remember. Every year, on the day before our anniversary, I take the jar and gleefully dump it in the coin counting machine at the bank. (Everyone standing in the teller line just loves this ruckus) We then use that money for our official celebration. Sometimes it's only been enough for a shared dessert and cup of coffee. One year it it covered an entire weekend away--including lodging and meals! Yes, that was a good year. Despite the actual amount, it's a tradition I look forward to every August 1st.

This year, in addition to the coins, we got a monetary gift from some parents who shall remain nameless. The combination of this, all the kids being gone, and a midweek special at a local resort, we celebrated in style.

Appetizers in the room
When the front desk heard it was our anniversary, they upgraded us to a waterview room.

Smiling over our 18 years of wedded bliss.