Remembering Michael

Friday, September 12, 2008

Today marks three years since the passing of our friend Michael, the young man pictured above. Our families grew up together and he was the baby of all of us. A spirited young boy, he was always quick to smile and full of life. As an adult, Michael struggled with issues that eventually overwhelmed him to the point of taking his own life. He was a young, vibrant 28 years old.

Thankfully Michael had the presence of mind to leave a long letter for his family. Many surviving families aren't as fortunate to receive this gift. The grieving process can be much longer and more difficult when they don't have the reasons why.

Michael's family has been a part of a great organization called the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. In June of this year, his mom, sister and my mom volunteered at a local AFSP vernight walk called Out of the Darkness which raised funds to call attention to a subject which isn't discussed enough. Next month, I wil be part of a team for the Puget Sound Walk at Greenlake Park in Seattle. We are calling ourselves "Team Michael".

If you or someone you love has had the devastating experience of losing someone to suicide, would you please consider making a donation? In loving memory of Michael. May he rest in peace.

I love this song and video. Please watch and say a prayer for Michael's family as they honor his memory today and every day.