Millie: Post-Op

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Ok, I know this one is gross. Sorry, but doesn't everyone want to see the battle scars?? Maybe it's just my boys. Probably.
As of three days ago, we have joined the ranks of responsible pet owners and had Miss Millie spayed. The official term on my vet bill was "ovariohysterectomy". I guess that means in addition to her uterus they took the ovaries too. A double whammy. Poor pooch.
I must admit it was nice to have her lay helpless on the floor for all of Friday evening. But come Saturday morning she was back to her regular old playful self. The vet's instructions indicated she would be down and mellow for a few days and should only be taken outside on the leash to go potty. Far be it for a member of our family to follow protocol. Did I say "member of our family"? Oh my, Millie in the Christmas card pictures is next! I'm ruined.