New Beginnings

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The first day of school is one of my favorite days ever but this year was different. Melancholy. A lingering feeling of just being unsettled. In spite of my mood there was an excitement in the air around here beginning at 6:40 a.m. when ALL of the boys arose. (this is definitely a first). I have loved every new stage and elementary school has been a precious, golden time. I never shed a tear when any of them boarded the bus for Kindergarten. I looked forward to the day after Labor Day every year. Why the pensive mood?

I finally figured it out. This is the first year when all three boys will not be attending the same school. Quinn is entering sixth grade which means middle school. He leaves an hour earlier and catches his bus 3 blocks away to a building five miles across town. I quickly snapped the photo below and off he went. Ian & Ben hopped on their bikes and raced down the trail. I drove over to the elementary school so I could capture one last picture and make sure they knew where their classrooms were. "We're fine, Mom!" I found myself looking around the playground for Quinn. His class has been replaced by the new "big kids on campus" It just felt quieter. I couldn't believe that after 7 years of "first days of school" that I began to cry. The reality of "this is how it's going to be from now on." It's an unavoidable part of them growing up. It's all good but hard nonetheless. Ok, I'll stop now.

It was probably a good thing I couldn't stay until the bell rang because I had to report for day one at my new job!!! Another transition but a welcomed one. I haven't officially worked outside the home for almost 12 years. Sure I've done some freelance work and some temporary or seasonal jobs here and there but this is a real-life gainfully employed type of job. I even have an iPhone!! (My family is most impressed by this fact).

So what am I doing?? A friend of ours recently purchased a local baking company that has been in the area for 14 years. They were in need of someone to re-introduce the company and the products to local restaurants, caterers and hotels. He called a few weeks ago to see if I was interested. Interested in making new friends, pushing sweets, sharing my baking knowledge, only working 20 hrs a week from home and guaranteed to be off the clock by 2:30??? DUH! Plus he's a great guy who is very fair and supports my desire for our family to be a priority.

I had been praying this summer about what God had for me this fall as all of my children would be in school full days. I wasn't actively pursuing anything specific just waiting. It's been my experience that when I've tried to make something happen it usually backfires. I wasn't looking for a relationship much less marriage when Trey crossed my path. I wasn't intending to add to our family so quickly when Ian was conceived. I wasn't expecting to move back to the Northwest when Trey got a job offer out of the blue. Because I wasn't looking I know this is from Him and the biggest blessings in life end up occurring when we get out of the way.

It seems like endings and beginnings cover both ends of the spectrum emotionally. Like my kids always say in those moments, "I'm happy/sad" That's a perfect description of today.

Last time together before leaving for separate schools. (sniff)

This better be the last picture Mom, we want to play!

Mom's first day at her new job

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Amy said...

Hi Dana,
Congrats on your new gig! Working part time is one of those things that is hard at times, great at times and wonderful at other times! Best of luck...and an iPhone. Too cool!

Amy Terrell