Ian is 10

Monday, September 15, 2008

Today marks a decade since the culmination of my best pregnancy and fastest delivery. Ian Joseph came into this world at 3:43 p.m. in Charlotte, North Carolina on a beautiful sunny summer day and life has never been the same--nor would I want it to be.

My middle child has officially entered the double digits so this post is about honoring his wonderful personality and most welcomed addition to our lives.

In honor of Ian's tenth birthday, I am borrowing Vicki Courtney's fabulous tradition that she uses on her blog when one of her children is celebrating his or her special day.

Ten Qualities I Love About Ian:

  1. Loyal. Once this kid is your friend, he isn't going anywhere.

  2. An animal lover. He has a bleeding heart for all of God's creatures great and small.

  3. Decisive. The boy knows what he wants and there is no swaying him when his mind is made up.

  4. Adventurous. He is always up for an adventure. Once you make mention of a plan to explore some new territory, he will start packing and planning before the conversation is finished.

  5. Tenderhearted. Although he can come across reserved and distant, this child has so much compassion for others-especially babies and toddlers. He takes great care in handling those younger than him.

  6. A quick study. Once you teach him a skill, he has it mastered almost immediately. Even when he doesn't seem like he's paying attention, he won't miss a thing.

  7. Curious. He's always willing to learn new things and asks great questions about how something works. He loves to connect the cause and effect of relationships.

  8. Modest. Although he's competitive like most boys, he never wants anyone to feel bad about losing. Other than with his brothers, he rarely makes a big deal out of his athletic ability.

  9. Wilderness guy. He is passionate about God's creation. He absolutely loves exploring the great outdoors. Give the boy a BB gun and a knife and he'll be occupied from sunrise to sunset.

  10. Handsome. Of course I'm biased but he is pretty darn cute. That smile will melt your heart and he can be quite charming when he wants to be.