Days 28-35

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Boy have I been remiss. I can't believe it's been a week since I posted anything. Sorry.
Day 28 (10/10): Received a wonderful card and incredibly thoughtful letter from Pat Sobo. Pat is a dear friend of Trey's late Aunt Jane who passed away in 1997. I got to know her during Jane's illness when we visited Jacksonville often. She has been excellent at keeping in touch with me/us.
Day 29 (10/11):Kim Philips brought over a delectable chocolate hazelnut cake made from scratch. YUM! I'm still wondering how she had time to make this work of art with three kids under foot and expecting baby #4 in two months. She amazes me.
Day 30 (10/12): Leslie Burzynski sent a beautiful card with a heartwarming message. (She and her husband did our premarital counseling and a lifelong friendship resulted from that time.)
Included in the card was a gift certificate to Barnes & Noble. I can't wait to get over there and use that.
Day 31 (10/13): Janet Drew was going to leave something on my porch this morning via an email message I got the previous day. I told her we'd be out of town so we're postponing it to the 21st.
Day 32 (10/14): We were away for the weekend with three other couples and one of the guys, Dan Dahlberg, had this day. This morning when I came in the kitchen, he had set out a few significant items like flowers, a burning candle, a tiara and a handmirror. He explained the meaning of them and read a few passages from the Book of Ruth to me. It was so incredibly thoughtful.
Day 33 (10/15): Tricia Phelan (dear friend from our days of experiencing toddlerhood in Charlotte) sent a funny card with sweet sentiments inside along with a Target gift card!! She knows me well. I spent it (and then some) the very next day.
Day 34 (10/16): Katherine Davis (she already had a day but wanted to really spoil me) sent a package with a great book on prayer, a locket keychain with a "C" engraved on it, a plaque about friendship and notecards. This was a great excuse to talk to her twice in one month. That never happens so that alone was gift enough.
Day 35 (10/17): Lisa Pomilla sent a funny card how the act of telling secrets at our age leaves nothing to worry about because we can't remember them anyhow! Inside the card was a gift certificate to Escape Day Spa. I am ready to escape right now as I've had a sick kid home every day this week.

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Anonymous said...

The last day in your 30's. Hmm how did you spend it? I thought of that little girl next door. Well actually I thought of the two little girls next door Dana Marie, and Lori Ann. You girls were a GOD sent to me during some pretty tough days.
I hope as you lay your head down to sleep tonight you will be thinking about what a blessing your life has been not only to you but to the many others who have been lucky enough to have you in it. I have missed you and Lori over these many years since those days in Federal Way.
Especially it to late to ask if you could babysit our triplets Saturday night. Brewski and I would like to have a wild night out. We'll be home by 10.
Goodnight don't let the bed bugs bite.
Mrs. D.