Days 24-27

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Day 24 (10/6): As if these two women have not done enough.........Lacey informed me earlier in the week that this was her day. She arrived at 4:00 with an angel food cake and 12 candles. It took me three times to blow them out. Good thing there wasn't 40! We went to Starbucks and she gave me two gifts with two cards that I had to open in order. The first one was symbolic of where our friendship began: at a Beth Moore Bible study. It was Beth's book "The Life of David"--a very cool devotional done only the way Beth Moore can do it. The second was a Travis Cottrell CD--he's the worship leader at Beth's conference, one of which we attended together two years ago. The second card said how she loved to laugh with me and had three tickets to the Improv at the Upfront Theater. The third person to be joining us was Laurie. We went and picked her up and had dinner together at D'anna's Italian restaurant and then to the 7:30 show followed by coffee at The Woods at Boulevard Park. It was a perfect evening.
Day 25 (10/7): Quinn, Ian & Ben's day. Let's just say that they have a different idea of what blessing me looks like. They gave me a very sweet card and let me win at a family game of Uno.
Day 26 (10/8): Mark Zollitsch brought me a "Hope" bouquet of fresh flowers. Along with them was a card offering me 6 hours of "kidcare". He knows the way to my heart!
Day 27 (10/9): Kristen Schoon (my dearest friend from college) now lives in Indiana. She sent me a package that Lacey delivered that afternoon. In the box was the cutest homemade three ring CD case. She is the most creative person I know. Also included was a little "HOPE" plaque. As if that wasn't enough.....her mom (who lives in Lynden) brought me lasagna, garlic bread, salad and brownies for dinner--on behalf of Kristen. She said that she knew my love language was "acts of service" and tried to think of something that would speak to me in that way. It was delicious.