Days 20-23

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Day 20 (10/2): Carolyn Rhoads (my second mom) sent me a card reminiscing over the last 35 years in which she's known me. It was both laugh out loud funny and tender at the same time. It was fun to be reminded of events I had forgotten about--she has so much dirt on me!!! I have always felt loved by her like I was her own daughter. What a gift.
Day 21 (10/3): Molly Daniels dropped off a gift bag with a cool journal, a book on Hope, a fun Halloween themed coffee mug and Starbucks card. She is too generous. And she has 4 kids! When did she have time to do that??
Day 22 (10/4): Roger Chamberlin was the first guy (besides Trey) to bless me. He and his wife are dear, dear friends of ours. He brought me a stunning fall floral arrangement. It is just the coolest thing you've ever seen. There's even an artichoke in the pot. As if that wasn't enough, he also had with him a pumpkin creme cheese muffin (that's how Starbucks spells "cream") a fresh coffee and a Starbucks card. He sent me a very sweet email and a fun interactive e-card that entertained Ben for most of the afternoon.
Day 23 (10/5): I came back from dropping off my car for servicing this morning to find a bag on the garage steps. Jennifer Rinauro gave me a gorgeous pink candle with a pink ribbon lapel pin. I will wear it proudly for breast cancer awareness month.