What a difference a year makes

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Yesterday the boys went in for their annual dental check-ups--an event that feels like "pulling teeth". (pun intended) I know the recommended schedule is bi-yearly but a lack of insurance put this on the back burner. In spite of the 15 months since their last visit, we were pleasantly surprised to hear " NO CAVITIES". However, we did hear: "time for a consult with the orthodontist." Cha-ching.

Ths is all beside the point of this post. The pediatric dentist we see always takes a picture of her patients at their cleanings and returns the previous year's photo to the child. Being that this was the first year so much time had lapsed between their visits, I was amazed at the difference in all of them. So I just had to share the respective snapshots.
This is now. Below is "then".
Those teeth that are missing are now in and this is the one being referred to an orthodontist for an overbite. He looks fine to me.
This was the first visit ever with no follow up appointments needed for this guy.
Four teeth have disappeared since this photo was snapped.

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Nicole said...

So I have to share my dentist story here because I just took my kids for the first time EVER! Yep thats right this x-dental assistant has NEVER taken her kids to the dentist! Due to you guessed it insurance issues! :) All 3 walked away with NO cavities! Not a one!! So I'm chalking this one up to my OCD dental hygiene issues lol. Glad we have some clean mouths in both our families now :)