Happy Halloween

Sunday, November 1, 2009

There are a few stories behind this picture. Ben is "Achmed the Dead Terrorist without his turban. If you've ever seen the Jeff Dunham YouTube video then you know that Achmed is covered in black bomb residue. An 8 year old boy is more excited about fake blood. The turban was on initially but it got in the way of collecting as much candy in the shortest amount of time. I borrowed some 70's outfits from a girlfriend and added the wig, false eyelashes and earrings. Several people told me I actually resembled a 60's housewife--in particular Tom Hanks' wife in "Apollo 13" . I never saw the movie so I'm going to believe it was a compliment. (The cigarette was only for effect. I think my kids would have freaked out if I lit it up. And I would have choked to death.) Quinn is a geek/nerd. This was at 9:30 so the bowtie had seen better days. A slew of 12 year old boys got in the way of my annual group photo.

The intention was a garden gnome and everyone told him he looked the "Travelocity gnome".

He actually dressed like this for school on Friday. Classic.

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Lemonade Makin' Mama said...

You do kind of look like Tom Hank's wife there... I always thought she was really cute in that movie! I loved her outfits and hair...