Dangerous Surrender Chapter Two: Coffee

Friday, November 20, 2009

A while back I posted about a particular book that was challenging me: Dangerous Surrender by Kay Warren. I often get excited about what I'm reading but, more often than not, I end up finishing it and setting it on the bookshelf. Not with this one. I passed it on to one of my BFF's who passed it on to her friend, who read it in a day and so on and so on and so on........
Which then resulted in a "book club/study group/coffee klatch" on Wednesday mornings.
After the four of us finished discussing the first chapter, one of the BFF's shared with us about a particular family she knows who lives on very little--by choice. They have three small children, live in a 2 bedroom house, own one car, the dad bikes to work in spite of the weather and they make a small pittance stretch for their monthly food budget. I can't even bring myself to write the amount as you would be astounded--and quite possibly ashamed. My friend made a suggestion that would be a small sacrifice to us but a huge blessing to this family: when dropping off outgrown clothes at our local kids' consignment store, apply our donations to this mom's account instead of our own. What a wonderful surprise she would have on her next clothes shopping visit. Done.
The following week I showed up with my Starbucks in hand ready to tackle Chapter 2. As we dive in, our same friend had another idea: Instead of us all stopping to get our fancy java, bring the money we would have spent on a latte and drink her fresh-brewed Folgers instead. At the end of our 11 weeks we'd ask God what to do with the accumulated cash. I was nominated to get out my glue stick and magazines and find my inner 17-year-old creativity. Here's the result:

I still haven't fallen in love with "that other coffee" but I am excited to see how many "fishes and loaves" are multipied from this very simple sacrifice.


4 Responses to “Dangerous Surrender Chapter Two: Coffee”

Jessica Bjorn said...

I was just browsing Bellingham blogs and came upon yours. I love this idea! Kudos.

Amy said...

I did this last year! I gave up my "purchased" lattes. It was so hard at first. I bought a Barista Machine and now I only have a coffee out as a treat once in a while. I think I've saved at least $300 a year. I stopped counting but it was really hard at first. Hang in there - I know how you like your starbucks.

lacey said...

Perfect timing! I'm going to write Kay this weekend and I just may put a link to your blog for her, who knows?

Andrea said...

This is great, power to ya ladies!