How can one not love this guy?

Saturday, May 23, 2009

I know this is a shallow post but I couldn't resist. No matter who you were rooting for, or if you even watch American Idol at all, how can you not love this kid? He's 23 so I can legitimately call him a kid. He's just so darn adorable, humble and sweet. If even one of my boys somewhat resembles him as an adult, I will be thrilled. I liked him from the beginning and although Adam is talented in many ways, his makeup, jewels, nail polish and Gene Simmons-like tongue just didn't do it for me. Big surprise that I prefer the clean cut, boy-next-door types, huh? Go Kris! I loved cheering for the underdog.


2 Responses to “How can one not love this guy?”

Sasha said...

I miss cable.... (grin)

Anonymous said...

He is adorable Dana...Never really paid attention to him during the show (I am a fast forward gal - so I missed a lot of his performance - sham e on me!) He is the complete package which will be fun to watch as he goes out on his own!