Greetings from O-HI-O

Thursday, May 14, 2009

I've always wanted to post on my blog from another location. Preferably an exotic, international locale. The best I could do was the Midwest. Or is it the Northeast? I was just in Cincinnati and they border Kentucky-- referred to as from the South. I'm confused but it's great to be on the east coast again.

So here I am at the Columbus airport waiting for my mom's flight from Seattle. We are heading from here to Bowling Green for a good family friend's wedding. Another girl I used to babysit. I'm aging by the minute.

I took a red-eye flight on Tuesday night, arrived in Columbus on Wednesday morning and drove to Cincinnati yesterday afternoon. (I actually stayed awake 36 hours!) I spent the night with our friend's the Snyder's and they were marvelous hosts. Jennifer and I were neighbors and in a playgroup together when our firstborns were newborns. It was sooo great to see them. Last time we connected was when they came to Seattle sans kids in 2002. I hadn't seen the kids in seven years. It felt like yesterday when I walked into her kitchen and got a big hug. The kids didn't remember me but they did a good job pretending to. I am dying to share pictures but this airport business center computer has no means to put a flash drive in. Maybe when we get to our hotel tonight I'll be able to do that.

More later from your "world traveler"--kind of.

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Sasha said...

oooh, ahhh, world traveler you. Make sure and get a photo of the bride AND groom on this one! hee hee.

Stay safe and have fun girlfriend!