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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The other night Ian was on my computer working on his Power Point presentation (ask me if I even know how to do one of these and the kid makes it look like a breeze) about past U.S. Presidents. He chose five whom he thought to be the most inspirational: George Washington; John Adams; Abraham Lincoln; George Bush, Sr. and George Bush, Jr. He asked me to read the facts while he put the information on each slide. We started with the Date of Birth followed by Date of Death. After I gave him the dates for Mr. Washington, he stared at me with an incredulous look of panic and said: "He died ???" Um, yes, honey about 200 years ago. :)

Ben and I were sharing our regular weeknight bedtime routine of reading when he blurted out, "Do we know ANYONE in Hawaii?" (he's been regularly trying to concoct a way back to visit in spite of the current lack of funds)

Me: Yes, Kathleen lives on the main island.
Ben: Who is she?
Me: Auntie Carolyn's daughter
Ben: Oh, well how old is she? (probably hoping she was seven)
Me: Forty-two
Ben: Oh, just one age older than you!

One more Ben-ism................

He, Ian and I were snuggled in on Friday night watching High School Musical 3. If you haven't seen it (and you need to) there is a scene where Troy has discovered that Gabriella had been offered a freshman fast track option at Stanford. She had been mulling it over and leaning toward not going because it would mean leaving high school early and missing the prom and graduation. Troy encourages her to go and she explains: (I'm probably butchering the lines but it's the best I can remember) "I feel like my life is always in fast forward and I just want it to slow down. My heart doesn't know it's in high school." Ben pipes up and announces: "My heart is in first grade!"

Yes, Ben it is and lately I wish it could stay there.

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Anonymous said...

Love this post! All I know, is when I go to your blog page and see a new post, it makes my day! Thanks for sharing Dana!
Love you!