Girl Time

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

In spite of the pure craziness that life brought in January, I somehow managed to fit in two girlfriend weekends. Both were planned prior to knowing what the month had in store and I'm convinced that was the hand of God knowing just what was needed. I have no pictures from the first one except of this precious little babe. Four of us went to the Hood Canal to celebrate a dear friend's 40th birthday. One of the four had just given birth 3 weeks prior so leaving her nursing baby wasn't an option. I can't remember the last time I held a newborn--much less one of the female persuasion. It was so yummy. I guess I didn't snap many photos because I was so busy relaxing or holding Maddie. No, it didn't make me want another one-especially when Maddie's mom announced she'd been up for most of the night while I snoozed away for 9 hours.

This picture is from this past weekend on Lummi Island at my friend Tracey's cabin. The three of us have been meeting weekly for the past 4 years through a group called Moms In Touch International. MITI's original purpose was gathering Christian moms together to pray for their children attending public schools. Our group began with 7 of us and in the past year has dwindled to 3 and an occasional 4. It has become a lifeline to me and a commitment that stays on the calendar no matter what.
The funny (and so not a woman thing) about it is that this is the very first time we have done anything socially together. We rarely see or talk to one another outside of the group. None of our kids are friends with each other. Our husbands don't really know one another. We don't attend the same church. We don't celebrate anyone's birthday. It used to truly baffle me. And yet, in spite of it all, the bond we have from praying together year after year is undeniable. The love and concern we have for each woman and her family is never doubted. The weekend solidified that as we truly enjoyed one another and knew when we parted ways and said "see ya next week" it would be enough.