Vacation's over but I'm in denial

Sunday, June 1, 2008

I meant to blog one more post to happily announce that the weather had dramatically improved. Days 4-9 were sunny and 85! That made it not very important for me to sit at the computer. I had other more pressing (and shallow) matters like working on my tan.

It's been a rougher than normal transition back to real life. I am not unpacking my suitcase in protest of the end of my fantasy life. (that's just an excuse for my laziness, really) I realize how easy it is for us to romanticize somewhere you don't currently live and believe that life would be remarkably better there. Trey and I spent the last two days doing just that. When you're not particularly thrilled about the current state of affairs, moving on seems quite appealing--especially to somewhere that sees sunshine most every day of the year.

Maybe it's because the Southeast and Northwest are so dramatically different one would think he was living in a foreign country. I penned these differences in my journal one day. We love coffee here, they drink sweet tea. When we cook outdoors we call it a barbecue and they "grill out." If you bring someone home a memento from your trip it's a souvenir. For southerners it's a sercey (pronounced SER-SEE). A trip to the coast here is called "the ocean" and there everyone goes to "the beach".

Below are some of my favorite shots of the trip.

They got to know us very well at the Chick-fil-A

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One Response to “Vacation's over but I'm in denial”

kimberly said...

Hey Dana,
So glad you guys are home safely and that you did see some sun! I love, love your new layout! I stole your "love/don't love" for my profile too bc I so enjoyed finding out things about you I didn't already know :)
hope to see you guys soon!
love kim