In The Waiting Place

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Many times over the past year or so I've used that phrase to describe the place I/my family find ourselves in. You might remember the reference to this fictional location in the Dr. Seuss book, "Oh The Places You'll Go!" Funny how the author emphasizes the waiting instead of the going. Isn't God the same way?

While rummaging through 10 days of mail upon returning from our vacation, there was a note from someone I had recently met. She took some verses from Psalm 27 referencing "wait on the Lord" but inserted my name in the paraphrase.....I am confident that you Dana, will see the goodness of the Lord. Wait on the Lord. Wait, wait on the Lord." The next piece of mail I opened was a Focus on the Family magazine. The first article I turned to was titled "Patient Expectation". Do ya sense a theme here?

As we continue to pray about future and present plans the only response we're certain we've heard is "WAIT!" But like a spoiled child I complain, "But I don't want to!!! If you want me to wait, then tell me what it is I'm waiting for." If He did that, it wouldn't be called "faith" would it?

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donald said...

Hi Dana,

I have to admit I poke in and check up on you and your beautiful family to see how your all doing. Shamelessly, I haven't posted anything till today. First: I would like to say very cool blog, second: I am glad to see your at your core the same person I met 22 years ago, I believe you were wearing a pink jacket on the way to the INN. Finally, your a beautiful wife, mother, and friend, that we still know each other and keep in touch. I really appreciated your last post about PATIENCE AND FAITH its funny how much one grows and changes over the years and yet there are still spiritual lessons that need to managed and maintained throughout ones life. Take care and God bless you and your family. Love, Donny