It's Official: I have a middle schooler

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Friday was "goodbye" to the elementary years for my firstborn. He is officially a sixth-grader and we will soon enter a whole new world. I swear the "eye rolling" and attitude began on Saturday morning! However, this child has always been such an "old soul" that I'm excited for him to begin this next phase of his journey to adulthood.

What I can't seem to get over is that he is transitioning into a time period which I so vividly remember myself. How is that possible when 27 years have passed? (tell me I did not peak in 8th grade) I was not one of those who despised adolescence. After six years of parochial school, uniforms and carpools, I was now allowed to wear "street clothes", makeup, have my ears pierced and take the school bus. I was finally going to school with my neighborhood friends and felt oh so important. The only caveat was that they had been taking the school bus for six years and it wasn't all that cool any longer.

As we all know, middle school in our current times offers a new set of challenges than it posed in the early '80's. We didn't have cell phones, a My Space page or the pressure to be physically involved that these kids do. I've heard many stories from parents who have walked before me. Some have had excellent experiences and others aren't so stellar. It's such an awkward time and it will surely be fraught with good days and bad. I'll keep you posted as I strap in forwhat's sure to be a wild ride.