Writing contest

Monday, April 7, 2008

Thursday morning (4/3) I came to the computer to find that Vicki Courtney had posted to my blog. Vicki is an author who writes on teen culture. She has some excellent books on parenting teens and staying plugged in to what they're up to online. I frequent her (very entertaining) blog weekly. A couple weeks ago she announced a writing contest asking for submissions on subjects that would be relevant to teen girls. I had been working on an essay for a friend's upcoming book about waiting until marriage to be physically involved. Unfortunately it seems to be such an antiquated subject these days but one that could stand to be discussed.
I quickly condensed the article to 700 words and sent it on its way. She picked four winners and left me a post that morning saying she loved my blog and I was a winner. The four articles will be featured on her website that reaches 6000 teenage girls: www.virtuousreality.com.
Oh and she's sending me a Starbucks card too. What a gal! Check out her blog sometime: www.virtuealert.blogspot.com


2 Responses to “Writing contest”

Ashlee said...

Congratulations! Can't wait to read your artice. -- Ashlee

Amy said...


I went to her site but I couldn't find your article. Let me know when it appears - send a link if you think of it.