It's a Girl!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Here she is! Meet Miss Millie. She's a 12 week old Bernese Mountain Dog who will top out at around 75 pounds! After 2 years of incessant begging, I finally caved. You knew it was inevitable in a home of three boys. I have zero experience with dogs much less puppies and boy have the last 36 hours been an adventure. There is a reason I didn't continue having babies at 40!
So my friend Lacey proposed that I make a list of all my "I'll nevers". You remember, all those things you were never going to do once you had children. Way back before kids when you were an expert in parenting and oh so judgemental of mothers. "My child will never have a pacifier." "I will never talk about my baby non-stop." "I will never give advice on parenting." "I will never buy clothes secondhand." You get the picture. So here are a few "I'll nevers" that have come out of my mouth prior to Millie's arrival.
  • I'll never show people pictures of my dog.
  • The dog will never sleep in our room
  • I will never kiss the dog on the mouth
  • I'll never talk baby talk to my dog
  • I'll never assume that everyone is equally as enamored by my canine as I am
  • I'll never sign her name on greeting cards as if she's part of the family

So check back in with me in a few weeks and see how much crow I'm eating. If you're local, stop by and see her. She really is a sweetie.


5 Responses to “It's a Girl!”

Amy T said...

Hi Dana,
Hayden told me all about the puppy yesterday after school. She is pretty darn cute -- and just think I have a lab that should top out at 75lbs but on her last visit to the vet was weighing in at 108. :-)
Amy Terrell

JulieB said...

Ohhhh, you'll be adding her name to the Christmas card all right! You just wait and see! What a cutie and yes, you are totally crazy! If she stops growing at 75 pounds - good for you! My beloved Odin has reached a whopping 80 pounds and we thought he would be somewhere around 55 pounds!
I have to say, this is the first time I have seen your blog and it is a beautiful representation of the amazing person that you are. It is one thing to be able to brighten a persons day when you get together with them or bump into them at Target, but a completely impressive thing when the words that you write, brighten my day. Just know that I adore you and your amazing family and I look forward to hearing about all of the incredible blessings that 2008 brings your way!
Love you!
Julie Butschli

Vicki Courtney said...

oh my, this is a cute puppy! love your blog!

check out my post today--you're a winner! awesome article!

Cheryl said...

Hey Dana,
I just wanted to stop by and say congratulations!
I saw on your recommend readings. The Shack.
I just finished it this past weekend! It was so amazing!
I look forward to reading your article on virtuous reality.

Natalie Witcher said...

CUTE! Congrats on winning the contest!