Millie-Two Weeks Later

Monday, April 14, 2008

We love to pose with our puppy but we're not sure about this responsibility thing

3 months, 1 week and growing rapidly
It's been two weeks since Millie made her way into our home and life has not been the same. As cute as she is, this potty training adventure is beyond frustrating. Toilet training my children definitely doesn't rank up there on my top 10 but at least I had the choice to put a diaper on them. I've been seeking advice online and in books. The common advice is "do not punish or yell at them when they soil in the house. " Yeah, right! So instead I should take her out at 3 a.m., stand in the backyard freezing, wait 10 minutes for her to do her business, watch her lay in the grass and do nothing, bring her back in and smile as she pees on the carpet???? Who wrote these books? Everyone says it will eventually click. I'll just say "it's a good thing she's cute.

In my previous post about Millie joining our family I mentioned all the "I'll nevers" that used to grace my lips prior to being a dog owner. One tidbit I failed to share was that I would frequently tell my husband that I just didn't understand why all my friends would get a dog once their youngest child entered Kindergarten. I mean you're just getting a taste of freedom again and you go and ruin it by adding a puppy to the mix. So here I am 6 months after Ben started school with a dog of my own. You'd think I would learn to keep my mouth shut at some point. Instead I'll just entertain all of my snickering friends by filling up on my share of "crow". I have earned it.