Update on Ian

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Second cast
After a huge scare 9 days ago we received encouraging news yesterday. Initially we were told that the break in Ian's wrist was on the growth plate and the damage could potentially stunt the growth of his arm. YIKES!! We had no idea the ramifications of a simple bump to this very critical part of the body.
Last Tuesday we visited Children's Hospital in Seattle and the orthopedic team there sedated him and attempted to push the bone back in place. With time and his age as a factor, it did not budge. They casted him and sent us home with instructions to follow up in a week.
Yesterday we saw the orthopedic specialist and he was very positive. The original fracture was just BELOW the growth plate (why is it always mere inches away from where it could have done irreparable damage??--God's providence, huh?) He felt very confident it would heal and self correct on its own. The only caveat is that there is no conclusive way to determine the extent of damage--if any--to the actual growth plate. He will need to be monitored every 4 months for the next year. They will be checking to see if any calcification is occurring in this area which would be cause for alarm. The doc was pretty reassuring that there is less than a 2% chance of this. Yay!!
Thanks to everyone for their good wishes, fervent prayers and sincere concern.