Happy New Year

Sunday, January 6, 2008

So we bid 2007 goodbye and not a moment too soon. Although I know many lessons are learned in the valley I must admit that I have grown tired of spending more time there than on the mountaintop. A respite would be nice for a short while.
The new year began with a midnight dip in the lake. Not an experience I wish to repeat. I thought it might feel invograting or even refreshing. It was neither.
In a superstitious kind of fashion I thought the romp in the water might wash away all things negative. In the late afternoon of New Year's Day a blood curdling scream came through the garage door in the form of my freaking out 9 year old. "I can't feel my hand!!" was all he could say. After 3 hours in the E.R. (without health insurance) we found the wrist was not showing a fracture unless it existed in the growth plate--which couldn't be seen due to the immense amount of swelling.
Day two of 2008 I took my car in to Toyota due to chronic overheating. It was only a thermostat and I know it could have been much worse but aren't car repairs the absolute last subject you want to pour money into??
I don't write this to be full of gloom and doom but to say I am taking the perspective of: we are getting it all out of our system early on in order to enjoy a great year ahead. Here's to 2008!