We have kittens!

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Since the beginning of September doesn't have enough chaos, we thought we'd add a little more to the mix.  Not that we had any control over our cat's heat cycle.  You remember those kittens who joined our family less than a year ago?  The ones we thought were boys.  Ummmmmmm...yeah...we were duped.  Once we made the discovery--with the help of a $213 vet bill to help confirm what we already suspected--we thought we'd let them each have one litter then spay.  Poor Nacho started at a mere 5 months old and just finished her 8th unsuccessful cycles.  We're not sure why she can't seem to get a man but her sister took care of business lickety split back in June.  In mid-August, she came in one day and as I went to pet her, that abdomen was jutting out both sides.  Based on my research, pinning down an actual due date was next to impossible but we had a general idea that it would be within 3-4 weeks once the abdomen swelled. 

We went to work preparing a birthing box and looked for signs of "nesting."   We had some suspicions as to who the "baby daddy" was but his owner "thought" he was fixed but wasn't sure.  The owner (who lives behind us and apparently had been feeding Ollie when she came to visit "Mr. Kowalski" )  isn't exactly playing with a full deck so wouldn't it just be our luck that Ollie would start labor in his house??  He knocked on our door at 9:00 a.m on the 8th to inform us that one kitten had been born under his bed.  Trey hightailed it over there while I woke up the boys.  By the time we all arrived, kitten #3 had made its way into the world. We took turns going inside to see if any more were coming and, after 30 minutes, decided to pack up mama and her babies and take them home.  About 20 minutes later, while Ben and I were watching, Ollie had a contraction and I ran to get the other boys.  Within a minute, baby #4 came out before we could all get back upstairs.  However, I did pull on some latex gloves and cut the cord.  I guess you could call me "the cat midwife." I have always said I wanted to be in the room during a delivery.  I was hoping for the human kind but I'll settle for the feline species because they are so stinkin cute.  

Now I realize I'm not qualified to determine gender but I do know that two look the same on the backside and the other two looked markedly different from them.  Therefore, we do have 2 boys and 2 girls and I'm pretty sure the calico and the gray striped ones are the females. I'm not going to put any money on that though.

So before you chastise me for not spaying and tell me how the kitten population is out of control, rest assured that all 4 are spoken for and we even have a waiting list.  If Nacho doesn't get her act together here soon, we may have let Ollie fraternize with the neighbor again.  After watching these little fur balls grow and change everyday, it is mighty tempting.

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