Ian's belated birthday

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

I wrote a post on my middle son's 13th birthday and it disappeared. I even did it in advance and scheduled the posting. That's what I get for not following up. Story of my life. If I was a bit more of a micro manager maybe events would happen a little more seamlessly.

At the end of the week my husband said, "Can we move Ian's birthday to a different month?" Back when we were starting a family no one warned us to not have a baby near the beginning of the school year--not that we would have listened. Every year I look back with regret and worry that he was overlooked and I didn't put as much effort into his day as I do for his brothers. This year both the middle school and elementary school had their parent night on his birthday along with a freshman football game 30 miles away. As a result we had to celebrate the night before which made the actual day kind of anti-climactic.

True to middle child, go-with-the-flow Ian fashion, he didn't complain one bit. It probably helped that he raked in enough cash to cover our weekly grocery bill and got his very first cell phone--which happens to be a huge upgrade to the one his brother received on his 13th. It's the little things that count, right?

Maybe it is a blessing that my earlier post evaporated into cyberspace as this kiddo does not like to be gushed over. Just about everything I do or say these days gets an eye roll or a "that's embarrassing, Mom!" So I'll just say, "Happy Birthday, Ian!!" You are kind, bright, funny and a true joy to be with. I've loved being your mom for the last 13 years and I look forward to watching you continue to thrive in this life. You rock!

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