Thursday, July 21, 2011

I'm really not "that kind of mom." I swear to you, I am not. You know the ones I'm talking about: their child's successes and/or failures define who she is--or isn't. Of course I am happy when my boys experience successful moments and I'm sad when they struggle with any of life's challenges. But I also have to remind myself that all I can do is give them the right tools, pray daily and release the rest to God.I can't let their actions, whether I like them or not, validate or invalidate me as a parent. Unfortunately our current culture preaches otherwise. All that being said, I had to put this disclaimer lest you think I was one of those crazies who stalks her kid all the way to football camp 200 miles from home. Because, based on the following pictures, this is exactly what I did.

While 75% of our country is sweltering in a massive heatwave, someone forgot to remind our thermometers that the calendar says mid-July. I think I read recently that 82% of this month has been covered in clouds--and temperatures 10-15 degrees BELOW NORMAL. When you wait 10 months for summer it's hard to not be bitter at this point. So instead of caving in to the bitterness,(don't be bitter, be better) I decided that I couldn't change the weather conditions so I packed up my younger two and we headed east until we found sunshine and heat. It just so happened that this place also happened to be where my oldest was attending his first high school football camp. (In my defense, the coach did say "we'd love to have parents come over and watch" and my son did ask me twice if we were planning to come over) I had no idea what to expect but within minutes of arriving I knew it was well worth the trip.

We pulled into the high school parking lot only to find about 10 moms and dad from our school making a lunch feast fit for a king -or 70 teenage boys. The players had made their temporary home on the gym floor. (It made our basement look like a museum) Every coach came and introduced himself to me and the little brothers and made us feel right at home. In just two days I saw a transformation in my son that could have only occurred from watching teamwork and leadership be preached and modeled 12 hours a day. These guys totally have it going on. Needless to say, I was beyond impressed. Looking forward to those Friday Night Lights!

Home Sweet Gym
One big fraternity house
Quinn and his roomies
Looks at Ian and Ben are making themselves at home, as usual.
Ben loved being "Water Boy."
There's my football player.
Enough already, Mom.
Taking it all in while Ian strategizes for his future football career.
Wide receiver drills
Practicing field goals
It's not really summer without a romp through the sprinkler.