Say it isn't so...Ben is 8!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

How did this happen and where was I? Sweet little Benjamin has now been a permanent fixture in our family for almost a decade. When I saw the evidence on the ultrasound that yet another boy was coming our way, I did pause for a sad moment. I knew this would probably be our last child and, of course, I was hoping for a little pink this time around. This kid is all "blue", if you know what I mean. Not even coloring was enjoyable to him. Sitting? Forget about it. Once he became aware that two other boys had been living life in front of him, there was a lot of making up to do.

Although "busy" doesn't even begin to describe him, "loving and affectionate" do. Beneath his tough, active exterior is a sweet little guy who has no problem displaying his heart. He cries easily, laughs constantly and rebounds from any setback in record time. I know every mom says it, but I really could not imagine life without him. And even though his brothers may not be so quick to admit it, I don't think they could either.

In honor of his 8 years, I asked Ben to share 8 things he absolutely loves and his 8 favorite memories since the 7th birthday.

Ben's 8 Faves (not necessarily in order of importance):

  1. Chocolate
  2. Playing soccer
  3. Jumping in water
  4. Being with my friends
  5. My family
  6. Millie
  7. Playing football
  8. Going somewhere new
Top 8 Memories since October 28, 2008:

  1. Celebrating his 7th birthday
  2. Mountain biking with dad and brothers in Whistler, B.C.
  3. Losing his first tooth
  4. Visiting the Oregon coast for the first time
  5. Doing his first back flip on dry land (sand dunes)
  6. Finally being tall enough to go on the water slide at our local pool.
  7. It being a "friend party year" and having his birthday celebration a week early.
  8. Visiting the Great Wolf Lodge indoor water park.
Happy, happy birthday precious Benjamin Davis. I love you tons!

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Lemonade Makin' Mama said...

Man, time flies! I remember when he was just a toddler!!