Soccer Mom, Part Two

Monday, August 25, 2008

I've never been prone to bragging and the parents who incessantly boast about their offsprings' many achievements can be annoying--to say the least. We all enjoy celebrating our childrens' shining moments but I try hard to not be overt or arrogant in my excitement. However, after reading this morning's paper I just had to post.

My oldest son's soccer team played in their last summer tournament this past weekend. They lost in the semi-finals and as they were leaving the field, he and a teammate were interviewed by a Bellingham Herald sports writer. This morning as I opened the paper there were my firstborn's words all over the front page of the Sports section. You need to understand that in a town of 65,000 making the paper is a big deal. I know, kind of lame but nonetheless a reality. I hope this isn't his "15 minutes of fame" but it did make this momma proud to read her baby in quotes. Read the article here.

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Ashlee said...

I don't care how big or small the newspaper is - I think it's always a thrill to be quoted! Remember our letter to the editor of the dinky Montgomery Journal about the Independence card?!?