20 days until school starts

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

But who's counting?? I AM! Why do I forget every year that once we hit about the 10th of August the fighting escalates, patience wanes and the phrase "I'm bored" is heard about 200 times a day?? This time every year I say that I'm going to put the kids in a camp, plan a vacation, do all those local day trips, etc. and it rarely comes to fruition. Our "summer fun funds" don't go as far as they used to and my creativity is zapped.

As I write this I'm thinking "others must be wondering why I had children". Well, to do all my household chores and yardwork, of course. Ha!

On the positive side it has been a low key summer without an abundance of activities or long road trips. Knowing this heading into June, I was dreading the 11 weeks ahead of me. To be honest, even though it's been a little more boring than usual it's also been a nice change of pace. I've seen the boys be creative and use their imaginations. My oldest started a lawn mowing/watering business which has kept him busier than he (or I) had expected. My middle one has enjoyed initiating playdates and riding his bike to and from friends' houses. My youngest has found a best friend in our dog Millie.

So before you want to poke my eyes out with your newly sharpened pencils from your school supply outing, take comfort in the fact that I took 5 boys to the local fair yesterday. My first thought this morning was "Surely there's a camp with three openings somewhere out there!"


3 Responses to “20 days until school starts”

Julie B. said...

Just because we are truthful about the real challenges of parenting, doesn't mean we don't love them and wouldn't do anything for them! I appreciate your genuine words as they keep me grounded in reality and not in a world where everything has to "look" right!
I love you girl! Keep blogging!

donald said...

Hear! Hear!

Trey said...

Hey Lovergirl. As your most adoring fan I have been very reticent in replying or even reading any of your post. Even though I live with you 24/7 no man can trully know the heart of woman and I always learn something new and special about you when I read what's on your heart. I Love You.