Millie Update

Thursday, May 15, 2008

All week I have been mulling over numerous subjects that I've been wanting to blog about. Going "Green" without going crazy. Our new summer houseguest. Helping kids cope with disappointment. Links to friends' new blogs I want to share with you.

I plan on hitting those subjects in the coming days but for today I thought I'd venture into a much more shallow topic: Miss Millie the rapidly growing pup. (see previous posts for pics and intial introduction)

Please don't worry that I have become obsessed over my canine. She is very cute and fun but not interesting enough to blog about weekly. I do realize this is the third time I have blogged about her but this isn't just about HER. Keep reading.

I have not darkened the doors of a Veterinarian office in almost 10 years. Our other two pets didn't live long enough to warrant a visit to the Vet. God rest their souls. We've owned Millie for 6 weeks now and I knew I had to get her in for vaccinations and that I was probably past due. Living in a town in which many believe dogs are of equal or greater status than people, I feared the tongue lashing I might get when my incompetence as a pet owner was made public.

Today Ben and I took Millie to her first visit. I was so proud that I remembered to bring the immunization records from her previous owner. I was promptly told they were basically worthless and we'd be starting all over since too much time had lapsed since her initial shots. Bad pet owner offense #1.

The "vet tech"(never knew there was such a term) came out to greet Millie like a long lost friend. Ben and I weren't acknowledged but reluctantly invited to join her in the exam room. The doctor then came in and repeated the fact that they needed to administer new shots and follow up again in 3 weeks for more--oh, and bring a stool sample. (I briefly considered going back to the park across the street and retrieving the lovely plastic bag of her fecal matter I had just thrown in the garbage on our walk over there). I mentioned Millie's incessant need to want to void on the kitchen floor several times a day and inquired as to when that might cease. Oh, what a surprise, I really need to keep an eye on this and if it continues, bring in a urine sample. Cha-ching!

I'm almost done. When we returned to the lobby to check out, Ben tried to lure Millie away from the small dog wandering around that clearly belonged to an employee there. He was sincerely trying to protect the smaller animal. The receptionist informed him that the two dogs "have it all worked out between them and can communicate with each other in a language only they can understand." PULEEZE!!

Yes, I know I was visiting a veterinarian clinic and their job is to take care of our pets but I'm sorry, that was just an ODD experience. Whatever happened to getting Fido or Fifi their rabies vaccine and some good old Purina at the supermarket and leaving the rest up to nature ?? Pet care has turned into a multi-million or possibly billion dollar industry and we've somehow been convinced that we are irresponsible, heartless human beings if we choose food on the table over $800 in vet bills. It's the new status symbol.

Before anyone is tempted to report me to the Humane Society (that's already been done when our cat decided to climb a 100 ft. tree, stay up there two days, jumped down and broke her leg in the process--but somehow that was OUR fault for neglecting him or FORCING him to climb that tree) rest assured that we love our dog and will take precious care of her. I've learned over these past few weeks that owning a puppy is an experience I never dreamed I'd enjoy. The unconditional love is a bright spot when the rest of the world is in constant demand of your time, attention and wallet. I guess my point is: everything (well probably not EVERYTHING) in moderation. You get my drift. Thanks for reading.