40 DD

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

OK, maybe that was my bra size from my nursing days but it currently stands for something different: "Forty Days of Dana." Before you wonder what an egocentric person I really am, it wasn't my idea but the brainchild of my two dear friends, Lacey & Laurie.
On the morning of September 12th they kidnapped me and we arrived at a beautiful botanical garden. It was only the three of us there and we enjoyed a delicious breakfast in this breathtaking setting. I kept asking questions only to be told I couldn't do that. I couldn't figure out what the occasion was but I knew they were up to something big. After our meal, they presented me with a card explaining that the following day was the beginning of 40 days until my 40th birthday. It went on to say how they had arranged for 40 people who loved me to be assigned a day to bless me. I was truly blown away.
So the next day the blessings began. Many have asked me what people have been doing for me. So I thought I'd post it daily for all to see. However, I'm a little late in the game because I think today is Day 14. This is what I've experienced thus far..................
Day 1 (9/13): Amber gave me a "Hope" pewter ornament
Day 2 (9/14) : Rochelle Dahlberg stopped by at 8 a.m. to bring me my favorite Starbucks coffee drink and a Diet Pepsi for the afternoon.
Day 3 (9/15): My mom gave me two cookbooks she had saved from my childhood. One being "Buffy's cookbook". She also wrote me a really sweet note sharing how she felt about me. It was priceless.
Day 4 (9/16): I came in the house that evening only to find my neighbor Joanne had "broken in" and left me Gerber daisies, truffles and a sweet card.
Day 5 (9/17): Linda Hegeberg stopped by with chocolates, a Cruisin Coffee card and a sweet note about friendship.
Day 6 (9/18): Sheri Joy and I spent the morning together in downtown Bellingham having coffee and browsing through some new shops. She also gave me a really cute beanie and matching scarf from my favorite store Lucy.
Day 7 (9/19): Maria DeVries stopped by with a balloon, my favorite Luna bar and a pumpkin spice Frappucino. YUM!
Day 8 (9/20): Nan Mullen sent me the cutest card with a sweet, sweet note about our friendship.
Day 9 (9/21): Kathy Settem wanted to take me to lunch but got sick. She dropped off a Starbucks card and a homemade card filled with sweet sentiments.
Day 10: (9/22): My sister, Brian & Parker sent me gorgeous earrings from Anthropologie (another one of my favorite stores) packaged in her signature wrap.
Day 11: (9/23): Rachael Jewel Meidal left a gift bag on my doorstep. (Ben found it) She had filled it with 3 gifts to open. One for morning, noon and night. The morning one was apricot preserves; afternon was a box of cute notecards and evening was a dish filled with Lindt truffles. Each box had a note attached with a Scripture verse with the respective words of morning , day and evening in them.
Day 12: (9/24): Katherine Davis sent me a precious ecard. Her words always make me cry.
Day 13: (9/25): Kim Powell sent me a card earlier telling me she'd pick me up this day and we'd go get manicures. We stopped at Starbucks and got matching colors at the nail salon. (so girly) We left and she told me we had one more stop. She was looking for a travel agency that was open and instead we ended up at a stationery store. She told me to look around and she went the other way. A minute later she held something behind her back and told me how she wasn't going to be here for my actual birthday but wanted to celebrate. She pulled out a New Yorker calendar and told me she was giving me a ticket to New York and we were going to see "Grease" on Broadway. OMG!!! Apparently there are more details to come but I will find them out on an "as needed basis." Right now I feel like I'm in my "happy place" and no wine or liquor is involved. :)

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kimberly said...

YAY! What a special thing....and what a memorable way to spend your 40th! Thank you for posting these---they are such fun to read!