A week of promotions

Friday, July 5, 2013

As the 2012-13 school year came to a close, I was thinking about how the ending of the academic calendar marked a promotion of sorts for each of the students in our family.  As of June 19, we now have one middle school student; one high school freshman; one high school junior; and one middle school teacher intern. 

I'll start with the new 6th grader.  We moved Ben to a private Christian school at the beginning of his third grade year.  It wasn't exactly what he wanted to but we felt strongly that's where we were being led to send him.  Each year got better and better and although he missed his public school friends, he thrived spiritually and academically.  Our plan all along was that he would return to public school when he finished his elementary years and once the transfer request was granted (we had moved out of the boundary for the middle school the older boys attended) we knew this was the path we'd stay on.  At his current school, they hold an awards assembly each trimester where the students are given honors and high honors academic awards and 4-5 students in each class receive a character award as determined by their teacher.  They don't know who is getting one but I did get a call from the school that Ben was receiving one this time around and they would really like us to be there.  As he was called up to the stage, his teacher announced: "Ben is receiving an award for his humility.  He is good at so many things but never lets you know it."  It's so true.  Oh how I hope and pray he will always be known for having a humble heart.

Ian survived a very trying 8th grade year--in fact I could say the same about 7th grade.  Although he's not a big fan of school, he made the most of his days and worked hard at the subjects that don't come easy to him.  The biggest challenge was having the majority of his teachers be those who had a good 50 years on their students.  Three generations is way too much of  a gap when teaching today's teenagers.  It can be done but only with a young-at-heart spirit and a great sense of humor.  Unfortunately, "everyone else" seemed to get those teachers.  But, he soldiered through and his wit and charm carried him through although we have yet to see his report card.  The whole family came to town to celebrate this much loved kiddo at the 8th grade celebration and I even got him to don a tie for the occasion.  High school, here he comes!

Quinn is now on the other side of the dreaded sophomore year.  I wish I was warned.  Of course, during the year, those with juniors or seniors would tell me: "Oh yeah, sophomore year is the worst."  Taking a rigorous courseload, playing sports and not having parents that handed everything to him, made for a regularly disgruntled young man.  We went from him oversharing everything as a freshman to being very tight lipped  from the first week of school through the last.  Becoming a licensed driver was a highlight and getting a car at the end of May did produce a few more smiles than we were used to seeing which was a nice change.  A few soccer goals helped too.  Here's to hoping the junior year is as positive like we've heard it will be.

I felt bad that Trey was once again being excluded from the mix when a nice surprise came out of left field.  Just before Ben's end of the year awards assembly, he had a conference call where he was given a promotion that we never thought would happen this side of heaven--or at least with this current employer. 
If you know much of Trey's story, then you also know that the professional side of his life has been full of frustration, disappointment, elusive job satisfaction and many gaps of unemployment.  In his current position, he has been passed over for an obvious promotion not once but twice.  It made no sense whatsoever and to anyone on the outside--or inside.  But he firmly believed he was not released from his current assignment so plugged away and continued to give it his all. I'm beyond thrilled for him that his talents and loyalty have been recognized and will finally be put to use.

A great way to kick off the summer!