Quelci: one year later

Sunday, May 26, 2013

When someone learns my sophomore son has a girlfriend, I'm always asked the same two questions: "Do you like her?" and "How long have they been dating?" My answers: "Yes" and  "One year today."  That's a long time in high school.

I really want to write a detailed post all about when they met, how it's been as a mom watching her son become smitten, and all the qualities I like about Kelci but I'm still treading on thin ice with regard to my interest in Quinn's personal life.  I never thought I would be more irritating to him in high school than I was in middle school but that's the status of our relationship these days.  I don't want to risk adding more fuel to the fire therefore, I will refrain from saying anything more than I thought it was really cute when, after they hit the 6-month mark, my girlfriend asked "Is it time to start calling them 'Quelci'?"  Just like Brangelina or Bennifer. Get it?  Of course I don't say it in front of them but now that we're at the one-year anniversary, I think they've crossed over into the one-name category whether they know it or not.

Happy Anniversary, you two!