Saturday, January 26, 2013

I see it's been 3 weeks since my last post.  Every time I've thought about sitting at the computer to write, all I think about is "if you don't have something good to say, don't say anything."  Winter is a hard season for me, and many of us who dwell in the Pacific Northwest.  Having so little daylight and hardly any sunshine makes me crabby.  To add insult to injury, once again, my class schedule is filled with classes that start at 8:00, subjects that, in my opinion, will not make me a better teacher of English, and instructors with world views so radically different from mine.  I dread leaving for campus every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. I sit in class oftentimes with my stomach in knots as I listen to opinions spouted while implying that "everyone feels this way."  It's such a lonely place.

Enough of "Debbie Downer!"  This last week I had a bright spot that so encouraged me & left me in awe of what a personal God we have.  I received an email from a friend whose husband is a faculty member on my campus--in the college of education.  Seems there's a small group of professors and staff who have started forming "pockets of prayer" around campus.  These "pockets" are simply those believers opening up their offices for a 30 minute period one day a week where students and staff can come and pray for themselves and others.  The email gave a little background but was also an invitation to come hear a local prayer warrior encourage us and then to eat dinner together on campus.  As exhausted as I was and as much as my warm house and sweet husband were calling me to settle in for the night, I rallied and returned to campus for what felt like an "underground meeting."  I was a little nervous like I had been thrust into the role of a CIA operative.  When you are in the middle of academia and a population that is so hostile to believers, it's very natural to want to hide where you stand.  In fact, I often hesitate to even share my true self on heresometimes for fear that I will be misunderstood or targeted.

It turned out, as I had hoped, to be the most encouraging 3 hours I've had all week.  To be with like minded men and women who have a heart for the students and faculty whom I spend a lot of my days with, was a bigger blessing than I could have imagined.  My heart was parched for that fellowship and to be reminded I am not alone in this journey.  What a perfect end to an exhausting week.