Royalty Runs in the Family

Thursday, October 18, 2012

What a month it has been!  When I logged on and saw that it has been almost 30 days since my last post, it really hit home that my life has not been my own.  Instead of trying to fit in all the happenings of the last few weeks, I thought I'd spread it out and hit the highlights one post at a time--and start with my favorite.

As with many circumstances when you have a high school boy, you find out what is going on via 
Facebook.  They pick and choose what to tell you and as of late.....the lips have been sealed more often than they are moving.  Thank goodness for my mom friends who have girls that still dish when they come home from school.  This was how I found out my son had been nominated as a sophomore class prince for the Homecoming royalty.  When I asked him about it, he said: "I didn't think you'd care."  What?  "Of course I care son.  Did you know that me and your Auntie Lori were both Homecoming princesses our senior year?"  Him: "Oh yeah, I kind of remember hearing about that."  Lest you think I peaked in high school, let me assure you this was exciting but not my five minutes of fame.  It was a special time and a huge honor but unfortunately it was marred by jealous classmates who thought I didn't deserve the nomination much less the vote and spread the news.  Oh, high school.  What was really special though was that my sister was a princess the following year and I got to come back from college for the day to "hand down my crown."  My mom and grandma were there to witness the occasion and you'd think we were at Westminster Abbey.  

It's funny how some things come back full circle.  Since I don't have a daughter, I figured I'd miss out on all those events because those things just don't matter to boys in the same way.  But the school does such a good job of making it special and really honoring those students who are nominated and voted to represent their class.  The cutest part was that Quinn won and his grandparents, aunt and cousin were all on hand to watch history repeat itself.  He brushed it off as no big deal but I love what my mentor said when she heard the news:  "That says so much about how highly Quinn is thought of by his classmates and how you and Trey have raised him.  What an honor. I rejoice with you!" I hadn't thought of it this way--nor am I looking for parenting accolades because we have done plenty wrong--but her words completely warmed my heart.  And so did my prince. 

 1987--handing down the crown to my little sis.

 Senior Homecoming assembly

 Grandma and her royal grandson

The former princesses and the current prince.  We look a little different.