A Public Declaration

Friday, February 3, 2012

I don't know about you but I was raised in a denomination that believed in infant baptism--and preferably as soon as possible after birth as to "get rid of your original sin." Since joining a non-denominational church as an adult, their doctrine believes that one should choose as an adult to be baptized by water as a outward declaration of one's belief in Jesus Christ. This is based on the Scripture in Romans 6:3-5.

A few weeks ago Ian approached Trey and asked if they could go to breakfast. With Ian this is code for "I have something big to talk with you about." He shared that at his middle school youth group they had been learning about baptism and he felt he was ready to make a public statement of his faith. If you know Ian, then you know that doing anything publicly is HUGE. After their breakfast Trey felt a nudge that this was his time, too. Like me, he experienced infant baptism but had never participated in a water immersion style baptism as an adult.

Trey and Ian's youth pastor met for lunch and Trey expressed his desire to be baptized and then baptize Ian with Scott. It was a incredibly touching moment. You can tell by the pictures below.

The coolest part of all was what Ian posted as his Facebook status the following day. "Thank the lord for I have been baptized as I take one step closer to knowing my identity in Jesus Christ and understanding who he made me to be." (I didn't change anything)

I'm excited to watch Ian's walk with God and faith in Him truly become his own.